About me

I'm Jill Parmer, an unschooling mom to two wonderful young people, Addi 21, and Luke 17; and wife to Steve, who I'm so grateful for all his hard work that allows us this lifestyle.  We've been unschooling for 14 years.  Luke has never been to school; Addi went to preschool, kindergarten and 10 days of 1st grade.  I thank her for her persistence in getting us to unschooling.

Thanks Adds!

I felt giddy and amazed when I first started reading message boards about unschooling.  What people were saying there was so exciting to me.  I continued to read at that message board and then some yahoo! lists, and learned how to apply those ideas to my family's life.  I've since met most of the people whose writing I've admired, because I wanted what they had and I wanted to see it in action.  I'm so grateful to those moms who tirelessly share their experiences, it's made my family's life amazingly better.

Addi, Jill, Luke and friend, Kirby Dodd

In no particular order the interests and activities of my family are:  pondering and/or researching all the questions that pop into our heads, anime, reading, watching Food Network, learning/speaking foreign languages, World of Warcraft and other video games, making videos, traveling, drinking tea, eating cake, coloring mandalas, Shakespeare, watching/meeting interesting people, fixing computers, playing with friends, decorative gardening/landscaping, knitting, drumming, dogs, performing/creating magic tricks, reading everything by each of our favorite authors, finding obscure items to complete projects, swimming, writing stories, building things, the list goes on....

There's more of how we got to unschooling here:  Our 7th anniversary of unschooling.